S-Man (KemperPlayer)

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In this liquid profile pack called BM S-MAN I’ve tried to recreate the sound of a 1962 Fender ® Showman.

This amplifier is the best choice for every guitarist looking for a great clean and clean+ sound.

This pack requires OS10.9!!

About the amp:
The 1962 Fender Showman is a highly regarded guitar amplifier, known for its powerful sound and significant role in shaping the sound of the 1960s. Here are some key details about the 1962 Fender Showman:

 The Showman was one of Fender’s most powerful amps at the time, offering 85 watts of output.
  – Tubes: It utilized a set of 6L6 power tubes, 7025 preamp tubes, and a GZ34 rectifier tube.
This setup contributed to a loud, punchy sound.
 The Showman is renowned for its clean, clear tone with significant headroom, making it ideal for surf music and other genres requiring clean sound.
 The amp was favored by many famous guitarists, including Dick Dale, known as the “King of the Surf Guitar.” Dale’s aggressive playing style and demand for high volume led to the development of the Showman.
 – The 1962 Fender Showman remains a highly sought-after vintage amplifier due to its historical significance, build quality, and distinctive sound which helped define the sound of an era.
What’s inside:
🎸 4 Raw DI Liquid Profiles
🔥 34 Bert’s Tweaked Rigs for Plug and Play Convenience!
🎶 2 Performances

This is a released rigpack also made for the Kemper Stage and Toaster/Head. I’ve made the necessary adjustments to the rigs in order to fit the player. There are at this moment only 4 slots available in the player. Also not all types of effects are available in the current player version.

PLEASE NOTE: The low and high cut are global settings in the player!! This means they will affect all profiles used in the player. My advice is to set low cut at 96 Hz and high cut around 8 KHz. You can find these in the output section. In most overdrive rigs I’ve used a noise gate. You could consider to use the noisegate in the input section. You can store it per rig and in this way you have a mono slot available.

Hereby some explanation of the figures I’ve used in the naming:

1 serie = Channel normal, Fan Show nrm amp list
2 serie = Channel normal bright, Fan Show nrm brt amp list
3 serie = Channel Vibrato, Fan Show nrm brt amp list
4 serie = Channel Vibrato, Fan Bass brt amp list

The rigs begin with numbers. I did this because of all the options I had to profile. I can imagine that using numbers is awkward and confusing.
So my advice is to first create a folder in your local library where you store the rigs. From that folder, I would choose which ones you actually want to use in your profiler. Once that choice is made you can easily rename and move them to your profiler if necessary.

The naming in Bert’s tweaked profiles goes as follows:
The serie (1, 2, 3 eg, this indicates the serie explained above) followed by the cab or speaker name that’s been used. Sometimes I’ve made several tweaks using the same cab. In that case there will be a A, B, C or another letter added after the name.

I hope you’ll enjoy the profiles in this BM S-man 62 liquid profile pack!!

Cheers, Bert