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Bert Meulendijk Acoustic profile pack

In this acoustic profile pack I’ve recreated the sound of some great (acoustic) pre-amps and pedals.
The profiles are covering various acoustic styles of playing, from strumming to fingerpicking (steel and nylon string).

Because of the great variety of acoustic guitar pickup systems I had to choose a system to cover a representative range.
I have used a Martin D41 loaded with a LR Baggs Anthem pickup which is a system that uses a mic, piezo, and a blend of those two, and is the system I use for live-gigs.
I also checked the profiles with a Gibson loaded with a Fishman Rare earth system, a Martin with an Aura pickup, a Yamaha APX-10NA nylon string, and a Godin LGX (piezo).

I tweaked this set of profiles to sit right in a mix although they can easily be used for solo purposes too.
The profiles are leveled with the LR Baggs Anthem system.
Please keep in mind that because of the great variety of acoustic guitar pickups the levels could be a little off in comparison to your other profile levels (even to my other packs).

Also, keep in mind that I’ve made most of my sound samples using the Anthem. Your pickup system could sound a bit different of course.

There is no outboard EQ, compression, or plug-in’s used on these tracks.
I have only used Kemper’s EQ’s, compression and reverb.

BM AC TG : recreation of a Chandler TG 2 pre-amp

BM AC A-MP1 : recreation of a ADA MP-1 preamp

BM AC Aurora : recreation of a Fishman Aura pedal

BM AC Ven : recreation of a LR Baggs Venue DI pedal

BM AC CA+ : recreation of a CAE 3+ pre-amp

BM AC Rover : recreation of an Ernst Fliek The Rover pre-amp

BM AC AA : recreation of a Focusrite Red 1 pre-amp

BM AC German : recreation of a Chandler Germanium pre-amp

BM AC German + AMK : recreation of a Chandler Germanium pre-amp in combination with an Amek Pure path.

BM AC Rad : recreation of a Radial JDV pre