Profile Pack 1

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The BM Kemper Profile Pack 1 is the very first collection of high-quality guitar profiles developed by Bert Meulendijk that started it all. This pack includes 30 unique profiles that have been carefully crafted to capture Meulendijk’s signature guitar tone, making them an ideal choice for musicians looking to achieve a similar sound. The profiles are compatible with Kemper Profiling Amplifiers and offer a range of options that cater to different playing styles and genres. From clean and crisp to heavy and distorted, the BM Kemper Profile Pack 1 is a versatile and valuable tool for any guitarist looking to enhance their sound.

A MP-1 : 
Recreating the sound of an ADA MP1, my first programmable tube pre-amp. Released in the late 80’s. The ADA MP1 was a unique amp because it was fully programmable. Interesting sounds because of the combination of two separate overdrives. The clean is very nice as well.

B.E.C. : 
Recreating the sound of a Bogner Ecstacy classic. Great sounding 3 channel head with lots of possibilities like Plexi-mode, old & new style mode, and a boost function. Thick sounding triple A-status amp!

BOR : 
Recreating the sound of a ZVex Box of Rock. I profiled just the stomp box. It works great and sounds raw!

CA 3+ : 
Recreating the sound of a Custom Audio CAE3+. Legendary 3 channel pre-amp. Famous for its channel 2. Used by Lukather and Landau back in the day.

Gainman : 
Recreating the sound of a Van Weelden Gainland. High gain pre-amp (Dutch amp builder). If you’re talking about gain you’re talking about the Gainland and its manufacturer, Peter van Weelden! This piece of gear is heavy stuff!

Rover : 
Recreating the sound of an Ernst Fliek ‘The Rover’. The second Dutch amp in this pack. 4 Channel pre-amp. Fat, round sounding amp. Not that much bite except for channel 4.

Shower 62 : 
Recreating the sound of a Fender Showman. 1962 amp and cab, JBL D120 speaker. Great amp for the most beautiful clean sounds!

Solduro : 
Recreating the sound of a Soldano Caswell preamp. Programmable 3 channel tube preamp with motorized potentiometers. Great amp which I’ve used for years on many gigs and sessions.

V.Copper30 : 
Recreating the sound of a Vox AC30. Amp from 1964. Original Jennings Blue Alnico speakers. I used it mainly for one sound which is in the profile pack (so only one profile in this pack !!).

Vempi : 
Recreating the sound of a V-Empire Blue Rumble MK II. 4 Channel head produced in Poland. Really high-quality amp. Fierce competitor for the B.E.C.

All amps are profiled with Shure SM 57, Heil PR 30, Heil PR 22 & Neumann U47 FET mics and a Chandler TG-2 Pre-amp.