The 5150 Pack

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This pack contains 90 profiles and 10 DI profiles:

The amp that first launched the EVH line, the 5150III® 100-Watt Head is ideal for almost any playing style you can think of. I mainly focused on raw rhythms and soaring high gains, the blue and the red channel.
This is the Holy Grail of Tone that Eddie Van Halen has chased his whole life — a super-heavy crunch channel and an off-the-scale overdrive channel you simply won’t believe. Each of the channels has gain, low, mid, high, volume and presence controls.

Under the hood, this amp features eight JJ ECC83S (12AX7) preamp tubes and four JJ 6L6 matched power tubes.

As said before I only profiled the blue and red channel because I wanted to focus on the high-gain specialty of this extraordinary amp.

I made 10 series of profiles using my cabs such as my Mesa 2 x 12 (V30), Marshall® 1960 (G12H Greenback), my Marshall® 1976 (G12H Blackback) and my Bogner® 412 (V30).
Again, I’ve used several mics and mic settings such as 57, 121, U47, 421, M160.

You can see in Rig managers inspector which mics are used.
Names are 1-10 followed by A, B, C and so on. Gain is lowered where indicated. So are EQ tweaks. Less gain is indicated by Less G, less mid by Less M.

Serie 1. Red channel, no booster used.
Serie 2. Red channel, TS9 used.
Serie 3. Red channel, no booster.
Serie 4. Red channel with presence lowered.
Serie 5. Red channel, I used a Jackhammer JH-1 booster. Serie 6. Blue channel, no booster.
Serie 7. Blue channel, I used a TS9
Serie 8. Blue channel, I used a Hellmouth booster. Serie 9. Blue channel, no booster
Serie 10. Red channel, no booster.

I hope you enjoy using these profiles as much as I had creating them.

Cheers, Bert