M800 Pack

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I proudly present to you my brand new “Bert’s M800” profile pack based on
a golden standard in rock music, the legendary JCM 800®!!
The JCM 800® is still one of the most iconic creations in amp history.
Built with one channel the JCM 800® 2203 became the flagship amp with
its characteristic aggressive sound. The 2203 went on to define
the sound of the era, with many rock and metal bands making this their
amp of choice.
The art of the JCM 800® is its simplicity.
A thick, crunchy sound that cuts right through the mix
I was in the opportunity to profile this extraordinary beauty.
I mainly focused on the medium to high gain spectrum of the amp.
In this pack I also experimented a lot with different mic setups.
This resulted in 47 medium to high gain profiles.
I also added 6 DI profiles.
I hope you enjoy using these profiles as much as I had creating these

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