F-Man JayJ (LiquidProfiles)

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In this liquid profile pack I’ve tried to recreate the sound of a Friedman® JJ Junior.

This pack requires OS10!!

From sparkling Fender® tones to a growling beast, this F_man® JayJ (soundrecreation of a Friedman® JJ Junior) has it all.

The Friedman® JJ junior was designed specifically for guitarists that want the classic tones reminiscent of the great Fender clean tones (classic, sparkling and jazzy )as well as Friedman’s® more modern high gain offerings.

This resulted in a head which turned out to be very dynamic and responsive and has all the above characteristics in it.

Again the made profiles respond extremely well to turning back the volume pot. They are extremely dynamic.They blend perfectly in a track as well!!

What’s Inside:

🎸 6 Raw DI Liquid Profiles
🔥 44 Bert’sTweaked Rigs for Plug and Play Convenience!
🎶 2 Performances

The rigs begin with numbers. I did this because of all the options I had to profile.

1 and 2 are channel 2 (distorted channel); 3, 4, 5 and 6 are the clean channel {Channel1) with all different EQ options.

I’ve used the Fried Man H+B+E and the Fried Man Cln and Brt from the Liquid profile amplist, these are BE100® based.

Unfortunately the BE100® has no mid control on the clean channel..Friedman Cln Brt does have a bright cap option though. Fried Man Cln Nrm hasn’t.

I can imagine that using numbers is awkward and confusing.

So my advice is to first create a folder in your local library where you store the rigs. From that folder, I would choose which ones you actually want to use in your profiler. Once that choice is made you can easily rename and move them to your profiler if necessary.

I have decided not to include the raw raw profiles with cabs anymore.

After all, the tweaked profiles are very easy to trace back to the profiles as made.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!!! Enjoy the ride!