Bog EC Pack

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I have tried to recreate the sound of my own Bogner Ecstacy classic.
A great amp which offers you the best of “Fenderisch” clean to “Marshall like” mid gain and gain sounds!!

It was a pleasure to turn this amp inside out.

The result is this pack and it contains 66 studio profiles, 39 merged profiles and 39 DI profiles.

Here’s what it’s all about….

• 3 channel all tube design
• Ch1: green, clean channel
• Ch2: blue, mid gain channel
• Ch3: red, gain channel

Ch1, 2 & 3: three different gain-structures called excursions (T, M & L),

The Bog EC pack offers you three options; “T” (Tight), “L” (Loose) & “M” (Medium). The Tight setting will be more “even” from low string to high string, while the Loose setting will have a much bigger bass sound. The Medium position is midway between Loose & Tight.

• Sometimes these gain structures only gives a subtle sound change, don’t expect huge differences..
• Gain boost and plexi mode

Half power & old/new style switch (cuts power from full to about 25 watts)

I used it all!!  Info about how it was used can be found in RIGMANAGER’S INSPECTOR.

Direct profiles are indicated by “DI” behind the profile name.
The merged ones are indicated by a “M” behind the profile name.

Make sure you are up to date with Kempers firmware to enjoy the best quality of these profiles!!

I hope you will enjoy this BOG EC profile pack!!