SLO (LiquidProfiles)

 15,95 inc. VAT


This profile pack requires OS10, liquid profiling!!

Hereby I present to you Bert’s SLO!!
I’ve tried to recreate the sound of a 1990 Soldano® SLO100 head. The Super Lead Overdrive (SLO) sets the standard for modern high-gain amplification. But it’s clear and tactile clean channel and bluesy crunch also made the SLO the first choice of non-metal guitar players!!

Today the amp’s tone remains a go-to for thousands of guitarists around the world.

What do you get:

  • 8 DI profiles of which 6 are profiled with “gain 11” and 2 of them, the overdrive channel, also profiled with “gain 5.5”
  • Clean (normal and bright), crunch (normal and bright) and overdrive (normal and bright)
  • 30 raw liquid profiles of all channels (normal and bright) with all the used cabs which are 2 x Marshall 1960 (G12H and Blackback 76), Bogner 4×12 V30, Bogner 2×12 G12M 65 Creamback and a Friedman 4×12 cab (2xV30, 2xG12M).
  • 39 tweaked profiles, Berts choice…I already tweaked 39 rigs with the various cabs using all possible options.
  • 3 performances

I hope you enjoy using these profiles as much as I had creating them.