KAE+ Pack

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KAE+ Profile pack
With this pack I tried to recreate the sound of a Custom Audio CAE 3+.
This is a legendary 3 channel pre-amp from the early nineties.
It’s called the KAE+ pack and it contains 66 profiles (Mostly merged & DI profiles, also where indicated as ST a couple of studio profiles).
The channels are voiced clean, crunch and lead.
I named it Ch1, Ch2 and Ch3.

Channel 1 is a warm and punchy clean channel with smooth midrange.
I tried to capture some different flavours, from funky clean through
Landau’isch wide and bright to some slightly overdriven clean plus rigs.

Channel 2 Well, channel 2 is the famous channel of this amp.
I tried to capture a lot of useful sounds going from pretty clean to a very
nice overdriven sound and even some lead sounds. This is a very versatile

Channel 3 is the highest gain channel with some very nice rhythm and
lead sounds.
It has a rich and fat sound with lots of attack. Very usable for heavy
rhythm and lead playing.
The profiles are tested with mutliple guitars, i.e. several Strats, P-90
and Humbucker Les Pauls, and several Telecasters.
Listen to the soundsamples HERE
This is a very famous amp and was used a lot by Lukather and
Landau back in the days.