M800 – KK (KemperPlayer)

 9,95 inc. VAT


In this pack I’ve recreated the sound of a Marshall JCM800® Kerry
King signature. This is the Kemper Player version!!

This 2203KK is based on Kerry King®’s favoured JCM800® head.
His signature tone came from a JCM800® 2203 head and a 10-band graphic
MXR EQ pedal. This pedal boosts both the mids and the gain.
Thanks to a switch named ‘The Beast’ on the amp’s front panel, this amp can
do it!!

The amp’s master and preamp volume pots still operate in The Beast mode.
Of course the Beast mode can’t be chosen in Rigmanager. This is pre-
selected and profiled that way. You can adjust the main four-way EQ, allowing
you to colour the tone to your liking.

Original 2203 amps combined EL34 power tubes with ECC83/12AX7 preamp
valves, but here the power section uses KT88s.

Additionally “the beast” has an adjustable control, called “assault”. The
“assault” knob controls the extent of the built in signature EQ boost. I profiled
the separate options!!

You’ll get:
• 7 DI profiles (raw)
• 36 Berts choice Rigs using all cabs