Filmo Pack (KemperPlayer)

 9,95 inc. VAT


This pack contains 29 profiles including 4 direct profiles.
Here we have this wonderful profile pack in which I tried to recreate the sound
from 2 very vintage Bell & Howell ® Filmosound projector amps from the

These projectors were hiding some great tube amps inside which nowadays
are being converted into amazing guitar amps.
Very simple but first class powerfull dynamic amps with just a volume and a
tone pot.

I could lay my hands on 2 magnificent Filmosound amps from the year 1953.
First one is the Filmosound 385 used by guys like Blake Mills, Anthony Wilson
and it’s even one of Tim Pierce’s favorite amps.

The second one is a military AQ-2, a fantastic tight and dynamic tube amp
which can be heard on Blake Mills’ ‘Heigh Ho’ album. Both are carrying the
original Mullard tubes.

This is really something special and very usefull for all you clean, clean +,
break up, crunch and crunch+ sounds.

I severely tested these amps and profiles and I can tell you, they blew me

The “Blake” sounds are for instance really great for slide.
I’m very enthusiastic about these profiles and it was a great pleasure
producing them!!