SLO Pack (KemperPlayer)

 15,95 inc. VAT


!! This is a Kemper Player Pack !!

This pack requires OS10 liquid profiling and is specially made for the KPP, the Kemper Player!!

This is an existing rigpack originally made for the Kemper Stage andToaster/Head. I’ve made the necessary adjustments to the rigs in order to fit the player. There are at this moment only 4 slots available in the player. Also not all types of effects are available in the current player version. I left all the used slots (8) needed for the “big brothers” in the chain though.

Only 4 are visible and active (or bypassed), the others are inactive.

The low and high cut are global settings in the player!! This means they will affect all profiles used in the player. My advice is to set low cut at 96 Hz and high cut around 8 KHz. You can find these in the output section. In most overdrive rigs I’ve used a noise gate. You could consider to use the noisegate in the input section. You can store it per rig and in this way you have a mono slot available…

This BMKP SLO rigpack contains:
39 Bert’s choice tweaked profiles, plug & play!!
8 DI profiles
3 performances (The Kemper Player

doesn’t load performances at this moment but I’ve added these anyway. Perhaps in the future performance loading will be possible..)Hereby some explanation of the letters I’ve used in the naming:

A serie = crunch normal
B serie = crunch bright
C serie = clean normal
D serie = clean bright
E serie = overdrive normal
F serie = overdrive bright

In the DI profiles I’ve add 2 extra overdrive profiles, taken using 5.5 gain.

G = overdrive normal
H = overdrive bright

In the folder “SLO KP DI profiles” you see a R appear in the profile name.

R stands for RAW meaning the profile contains the settings used during creation of the profile, Gain max and EQ set on 5.5.

The naming in Bert’s tweaked profiles goes as follows:

The serie (A, B, C eg, this indicates the channel) followed by the cab name that’s been used. Sometimes I’ve made several tweaks using the same cab. In that case there will be a B, C or another letter added behind the name.

My advice is to first create a folder in your local library where you store the rigs. From that folder, I would choose which ones you actually want to use in your profiler. Once that choice has been made you can easily rename and move these to your profiler if necessary and if you want to…

I hope you’ll enjoy the profiles in this BMKP SLO liquid profile pack!!

Cheers, Bert