Rock/Rhythm Pack (KemperPlayer)

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BM Profiles – Bert’s Rock Rhythm pack for KEMPER PLAYER.

In this pack you’ll find various rock rhythm rigs, divided in a SC/P90/HB
studio/merged folder (24 profiles) and a DI folder (4 profiles).

These profiles are all taken from amps I already profiled, but are all revisited
or never used before. Some of the amps were profiled in the pre merged era. That explains the low
number of DI profiles. After thoroughly testing all rigs I decided to go for only one SC/P90/HB folder.
So, no separate humbucker folder because in my opinion all rigs go very well
with a Les Paul or similar.

Hereby the list of used amps:
1. TKL : a recreation of a van Weelden® Twinkleland
2. BEC : a recreation of a Bogner ® Ecstasy classic
3. F-man : a recreation of a Friedman ® BE100
4. Filmo : a recreation of a Bell & Howell ® Filmosound
5. Jacky : a recreation of a Jackson Ampworks ® NC 30
6. KAE+ : a recreation of a Custom Audio Electronics ® CAE 3+
7. M-SL100 : a recreation of a Marshall ® Superlead 100
8. MP-1 : a recreation of an ADA ® MP-1
9. Gainman : a recreation of a van Weelden ® Gainland
10. S-SLO : a recreation of a Soldano ® SLO 100
11. V-emp : a recreation of a V-Empire ® blue rumble MK II
12. Big-B : a recreation of a Budda ® Superdrive 45
13. Archie : a recreation of a Marshall ® SL100 together with a J.Rocket Archer
14. KH : a recreation of a Kittyhawk ® Supreme I
15. IngW : a recreation of a Marshal ® l Yngwie Malmsteen
16. ML-Beta : a recreation of a MI Amplification ® Megalith Beta MK II
17. Katz : a recreation of a Bogner ® Ecstasy classic (ch 1) together with a Katzenkönig ® OD

Please do try the effects that I programmed in the various slots.
Especially the pre stack boost and distortion (slot 2 and 3) will give your
sound more spice!!

Again I’ve added some of my personal tweaked delays, reverbs and other
stuff to the rigs.

I hope you’ll enjoy this Rock Rhythm pack!!

Rock on!!!!